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Digital advertising designed for musicians, without the hassle of confusing ad platforms.

Advertise your releases and shows in seconds on Facebook and Instagram.

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Choose genre-specific targeting on Facebook and Instagram, with optional geo-targeting for tour date ads

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Choose from a variety of templates to build the perfect ad in seconds, with fully customizable text and links

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Set your budget

Simply choose your budget for each ad, select run dates, and you're all set

CPC? CPM? Paid v Organic?
You've got better things to think about

You don’t need a PhD in rocket science to use Rads. Get rid of the headaches of ad buying, without sacrificing effectiveness. Now you can confidently promote your shows without having to understand terms like “segment optimization” or “real-time bidding.” We take care of everything, from budgeting to geo-targeting, so you don’t have to.

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