Frequently Asked Questions

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How does this thing work?
It’s real simple: you upload an image, choose what you'd like to advertise (we support tour dates and music releases), set a budget, put in your links, and Rads takes care of the rest.
Why should I buy ads?
Getting the word out about your music can be monotonous. Every town, every show it’s the same old thing: send posters, buy some Facebook ads, send a press release, call and text all your friends...wash, rinse, and repeat.

Most bands use the same to-do list for every single show and release... until now. Rads by Bandposters is here to automate the process, allowing bands to easily target their Facebook fans for music and tour ads in seconds. No marketing degree required.
Do you require access to my Facebook page?
Yes. Rads will request access to your artist Facebook page – you’ll see a request come from Rads, that you can approve. Don’t worry, this only gives us access to post ads on your behalf. We won't post anything nefarious from your account, and we won't have access to any of your fans' data.
Why should I use Rads when I can buy ads on my own?
Because buying ads kind of sucks. It’s a huge hassle to manually input your ad creative, choose targeting, tinker with hundreds (literally hundreds!) of settings, and then deal with re-jiggering your ads every couple days to make sure they’re working. Rads takes out all this hassle, automating the process of ad buying and removing all the complicated jargon.
What does it cost?
We take a 30% margin out of your ad budget. There’s no catch. If your budget is $100, we’ll run $70 worth of ads. For more info see our pricing page.
Does Rads work with ad platforms other than Facebook and Instagram?
We will soon. Right now we support Facebook and Instagram, but we'll soon be launching genre-based banner ads that reach hundreds of highly targeted music sites across the web.
What type of image works best?
An awesome one, of course. The image is the most important part of your ad, and it should catch the eye of any fan who is scrolling through their feed. We recommend using a photo of you or your band, in landscape format. Album covers are good too. It’s important to note that your image must not contain more than 20% text, or your ad is likely to be rejected.
What's a good budget?
Let's put it this way: you can spend as much as you want to spend. The more money you budget, the more your ads will be shown and clicked. However, there's an upper limit to how much your ads will run, so it's best to start off with a conservative budget and increase from there. We recommend $5-15 a day to begin with, but feel free to test other budgets until you hit your desired performance.
Can I see how well my ads are performing?
Yes! You can check the live analytics on any of your active or past campaigns. Just visit your dashboard and click the analytics icon on any campaign.
Can I run my ads worldwide?
Yep! Rads can run anywhere in the world, but at the moment we only support English language.
What if I don't want to geo-target my tour ads?
Why would you run an ad in Washington for your gig in Los Angeles? Geo-targeting is the most powerful – and often overlooked – feature in the advertiser’s toolkit, and promoting shows is a perfect use case for this.
Do you have a team of trained monkeys that buy the advertising? What is this sorcery?
Well, kind of. After you submit your ad, we tweak the hell out of all the settings and nuances to make your ad cruise along smoothly. Some of this is automated, some of it is handled by humans. We don't condone animal labor.
When will my ad go live?
Whenever you want. We recommend you run your ads leading in the days leading up to your show (e.g. a 14 day campaign should start 14 days prior to your show). But really it’s up to you. We do require 24 hours to get your ads set up, though.
How long will my ads run?
For tour ads, we offer three options: 1, 7, or 14 days. We will split your budget evenly across the number of days you select.

For music ads you can run them as long as you'd like, and we offer recurring campaigns that can run indefinitely.
Should I still send posters?
Of Course! We happen to know about this really great tool for doing that.
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